How to Get Selected in AFMC? How Much to Score in NEET to Get Admission in AFMC?

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Getting admission into AFMC is not just based on your marks. It is a different ball game.

I was blessed enough to get selected in AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College) and spent 10 days as an MBBS student there. However I couldn’t continue due to personal reasons.

How to Get Selected in AFMC?

What I learnt during my time in AFMC :

  1. All my batchmates were good rankers, the last boy to get admission had a score between 551–560. The cutoff for both boys and girls was 551 this year. Although due to higher competition amongst girls, most of my batchmates had scores ranging from 590–645.
  2. There were people with high ranks who were not selected due to reasons best known to the judges. However, some were not selected due to health reasons.
  3. If you have really weak eye sight then there are high chances of not getting selected.
  4. You should be good in extra curricular, this will make a considerable difference on your selection process.
  5. If you are lucky enough to get called for the interview then whatever you do, DO NOT LIE TO THE JUDGES. They do a test beforehand to get information about your psych and they know when you are lying.

So overall you have to score well in the NEET exam first. You should be healthy. Your eyesight should not be very weak. You have to be intellectual, interesting and confident. After all you’re going to serve in the army and don’t expect any leniency on their part to allow any nonsense.

You’re gonna have a wonderful experience in the college like all my ex-batchmates are!

And don’t worry If you are not fit, you will be made fit.

Work hard!

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limit you place on your own thinking.

Hayat Ahmad Roomi
MBBS Student

Image credit : Akshay Kothari


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