How Do I Prepare for NEET If It’s My Last Attempt?

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NEET last attempt.

Question asked by a medical aspirant – How do I prepare for NEET exam if it’s my last attempt?

For every war preparation is required. For winning a war, a strategy is required.

Preparation Strategy for NEET Last Attempt

Step 1: Make a study plan

  • Divide the time you have for NEET into two segments : syllabus covering and revision.
  • For each week, set the amount of syllabus to be covered, amount of MCQs to be practiced.
  • At the end of each week, make a true assessment; which subject is weaker or which subject is stronger; assess your MCQs score in percentage and when you repeat the chapter, try to beat the percentage.

Step 2 : Break the monotony

  • You cannot study for long hours. Break the schedule into short intervals.
  • Make creative but relaxing hobbies in between these intervals.
  • If you tend to sleep easily; try to avoid taking a nap in between. You might oversleep and ruin your whole day and then regret.
  • Hobbies must not be too indulgent.
  • Avoid online games and social media. These might appear quite addictive to you and you may land up in vain.

Step 3: You matter the most

  • Keep track of your health too.
  • You need to eat healthy; exercise to get rid of stress; sleep properly so that the brain can retain information for long.

Revision tips for NEET

When revising the whole NEET syllabus make sure you beat the previous scores. In early days, correct your mistakes by re-learning the concept. Make a habit to revise. It stimulates new neural connections in the brain. This helps the brain to function faster in the exam.

Never listen to negative people. They always try to slow you down. Always remember, only you know what you are really worth.

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Best wishes.

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