Should I Prepare for NEET If I am not Passionate About Becoming A Doctor?

By | Last updated on July 15th, 2022

Prashanti GM Medicine Story

Recently someone asked me a question – “What made you want to be a doctor?”

Honestly, I don’t understand how I got into the medical field. I would love to say it was because I really cared about people or because I was very intrigued by Biology or my parents inspired me to get into it or something so dramatic like a medical emergency happened that I became in awe of doctors.

Unfortunately it was none of the above. It always irritated me a little when people make statements like – Don’t get into medicine until you are very passionate about it. How do you even know you are passionate about it before you even enter the field.

Why Did I Choose to Become a Doctor?

Sorry I digress, I got into medicine because people thought I was very smart as a kid (misconception of course!). I used to be in the top of class most times, which gave me the confidence that however tough (NEET) getting into a field might be, it’s possible that I can make it.

I wanted a profession which involved direct interaction with people. I wanted a profession which is respected. I wanted a profession where I can make good money and some sort of security. So my 12 year old self thought being a doctor was the profession. My parents left the choice to me and that’s it, I am done with medical school soon to start internship.

My 12 year old self obviously didn’t calculate the long hours of work, how much debt you have to be in before you get to make good money, how much stress the work involves. I am only going to conclude by saying this – there is no perfect reason to join medicine or any field, I might not have joined medicine for the best reasons but I got lucky.

I love medicine. I am very passionate about the job and everyday I get up excited about it and am ready to face every struggle for it. So all I can say is it all worked out well for me 🙂

Prashanti Gm

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