How to Manage Time in the NEET Exam? Time Management Tips for NEET

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Managing time in NEET exam.

How to Manage Time in NEET Exam?

Here’s my experience of managing time in the NEET exam. Important points I did while writing NEET are:

  1. I filled OMR as soon as I got the correct answer of each question.
  2. Left the difficult questions to solve at last, the one which were difficult at first came easier when I attended at last.
  3. Solved Biology section in nearly 35 to 40 minutes. In that I left 10–15 questions to solve at last which were difficult.
  4. Completed my Chemistry section in next 40 to 45 minutes. In that also I left up to 5 questions to solve at last.
  5. Completed the Physics section in nearly 1 hour 10 minutes leaving up to 7–10 difficult questions to solve at last.
  6. I was left with 30 questions and 30 to 40 minutes in hand to solve those questions.
  7. Trust me, the questions which were very difficult at first, came very easily when I solved at last.

Time Management Tips for NEET

Given below are some useful time management tips for NEET.

  • Best order for attending subjects are first Biology then Chemistry and then Physics.
  • Don’t fill OMR at last, it will always be a risky job because if you don’t get time at last to fill the OMR then you will be the sufferer no matter how much questions you got right if you didn’t have the time to fill the OMR.
  • First solve the easier ones, if you didn’t get the answer don’t spend too much time on that question, leave it to attempt at the last.
  • Try to solve Biology as soon as possible because you will be left with with more time to solve Physics and Chemistry.
  • Concentrate on the important words of the question.
  • Give the importance to the main words of the question that is they may ask select the correct or incorrect, by stress there will be chances you may read incorrect as correct or vice versa.

All the best.

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Keep calm, keep smiling.

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