How Much Effort Required To Clear the NTSE Exam?

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Tips to clear NTSE.

NTSE is one of the prestigious exams at high school level in India. NTSE scholars get scholarships from the government for higher studies up to PhD level. In this post we will see the effort and tips required to clear the NTSE Stage-I and Stage-II exam.

How Much Effort Required To Clear the NTSE Exam?

Here are the key points and tips to clear the NTSE exam.

1. Don’t worry about study hours, plan to learn the topics.

Before you go to sleep, plan out the next day’s schedule – What topics have to be completed, how they are to be completed, if you did not complete any topic today then how it should be managed with tomorrow’s studies, etc.

2. Revise daily at the end of the day.

Daily revision would ensure that you don’t forget facts in the subject like Social Studies and Biology.

3. Focus on those topics where you can score high with ease.

Like MAT, Social Studies (mostly NCERT based), Biology. Just get qualifying marks in the Language Test because a high score here won’t add up to your total score.

Update : From NTSE 2018, there is No Language Test in NTSE examination.

4. Do take mock tests on a regular basis.

Once or twice a week now and almost daily in the last one and a half month, practice NTSE mock tests and previous year papers on a sample OMR sheet and do real test analysis after the test –

  • Where and why you went wrong?
  • What was your accuracy ?
  • Did you get stuck on a question, if it was so, then why?
  • Always look for solutions even if you got the correct answer. Because you may get an alternative approach or may be a shortcut 🙂
  • Did you make any bubbling error?
  • Were you feeling tense during those test hours? If yes, then you must improve upon that.
  • How was your concentration? Were you distracted by small changes or disturbances in your surroundings?

Try working out on these points in addition to your studies. Preparation and strategy both must be good to clear NTSE exam.

I would say prepare and put your efforts for NTSE Stage-2 in such a way that you clear it with ease. You’ve now qualified Stage-1 and I know that you won’t like to call yourself NTSE Stage-1 qualifier even after intense hard work, rather you would like yourself to be called an NTSE Scholar. Prepare and keep the above words in your mind till you qualify and become an NTSE Scholar.

Hope this helps.

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Ashesh Pradhan
State Rank – 3 in NTSE (Stage -2)

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