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About Anmol Thakkar

Anmol Thakkar is currently an undergraduate Student at IIT Kharagpur. Being Autodidact and self motivated he Cracked JEE in the second bout with none to coach. An Enthusiastic Coder and a Chess-a-holic. His zeal for learning and his nature of digging deep down in whatever he pursues has enabled him to reach heights. He is also involved with Free Education Platform Collegepedia started by KGPians.

JEE Main Exam Day: Your Ideal Schedule and Strategy

The order is maintained based on the way you execute them. Have a light breakfast in the morning (For afternoon shift, don’t take heavy lunch). To keep yourself energetic in the exam you can carry Glucose water with you, although it may not be allowed inside the exam hall. Chillax. Focus on your breath. If… Read More »

The Right Method for Practicing & Preparing for IIT JEE

Here, I am going to tell you the right method one should adopt while Practicing & Preparing for IIT JEE and other Competitive exams. 1. Understanding Concepts JEE tests your Basics. Without this Ground Step, you cannot rise High. Be really thorough with the Concepts. Make Summary Sheets to revise Important Concepts and Formulas weekly. Use… Read More »