Why Mr. Narayana Murthy blames IIT coaching classes all the time!

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narayana murthy and iit coaching classes

Lately, we are seeing a lot of intellectuals, educationists, retired entrepreneurs blaming the coaching industry for bad standard of education, commenting on the quality of students who are entering into prestigious institutes like IITs and how Brand IIT is losing its shine.

Mr. Narayana Murthy, the great Infosys founder, recently said that the coaching institutes are responsible for the decline of quality students in IITs. This is not the first time Mr. Murthy commented on the IIT students quality, he said the similar things during his keynote address at the Pan IIT Summit in New York in 2011.

I have written about the bad practices of coaching institutes and the type of students entering into IITs , but today I am going to defend the blame which is put on by Mr. Murthy against the coaching classes. You can also read this as “An open letter to Narayana Murthy”, the funny format we see a lot these days!

What is the trend of IITians in recent years?

The trend from past few years suggest that there are more IITians who are refusing lucrative offers from multinational companies. They are starting their own ventures and getting successful. It’s a sign that they are more confident than they have in the past. Students are equally involved in research and projects in their colleges.

So, saying that IITs are not producing the quality students is nonsense!

Shall we ban all IIT JEE coaching institutes?

What if government ban all the coaching institutes for IIT JEE, what do you think how many students would going to clear IIT JEE? Seeing the examination format of JEE and standard of education in our schools, I don’t think even 10% will going to qualify for IIT, provided a minimum passing marks will be required instead of cut-off on the basis of overall performance of candidates.

So the counter suggestion would be, why not improve the standard of education in our schools where teachers should be able to prepare students for IIT JEE without taking assistance from outside coaching providers. This is exactly the point.

Mr. Murthy, instead of blaming coaching institutes all the time, you should suggest government to improve the quality of education in our schools. Where the focus should be on concept understanding, competitive preparation, and not on rote learning to secure maximum marks in final exams.

What is your definition of a quality student?

From your statement, we assume that you want only intelligent students in IITs. But who is an intelligent student? In a class, on an average, how many students are intelligent? 2%, 5% or 10%. According to you, only these top ones deserves to be in IITs, and rest of them, you don’t even try. Why? Because you are not intelligent.

I am afraid, but this is partiality and something which create differences. Is the objective of IITs not to provide best quality education but making intelligent students super intelligent?

And speaking of intelligence, what’s the need for intelligent students to even pursue a degree and that too from IIT, they can easily get the best jobs on the basis of shear talent!

Does quota and reservation system affects the quality of students entering into IITs?

I am a supporter of underprivileged students getting equal opportunity to study in top institutes, but at the same time the quota and reservation system allows less qualified students to clear the JEE. It gets difficult for many of them to catch up with others and they struggle to perform after getting admission in an IIT.

Recent IIT Roorkee issue was an example of the same situation where most of the expelled students were from reserved categories. The institute have taken them back but on a strict condition to either perform or vanish.

Mr. Murthy, why don’t you speak against the reservation system that much!

The IIT coaching industry is not alone, we have similar market for IAS preparation. So the next time you will blame the IAS coaching industry for bad civil servants.

Final words

Mr. Murthy, coaching classes are not responsible for under qualified students entering into IITs.

Coaching industry is booming because our government is inefficient to improve the quality of education in schools. Our teachers in schools are more concerned about private tuitions than the school classes. Our schools “mugging system” is not capable to match the examination pattern and level of JEE.

If these problems are resolved, I guarantee you, the IIT JEE coaching industry will crumble like a house of cards.


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