JEE/NEET Again in December 2018? Beware of Fake NTA Websites!

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There has been lots of speculations about NTA and conducting of JEE/NEET exam in December 2018, or twice a year from 2019. What caused this sudden panic among the aspirants? Why NTA suddenly has become a concern point?

The reason is some fake websites running in the name of NTA. The information on these websites are picked up by less credible news publishers, causing unnecessary panic among the JEE and NEET aspirants.

See the below screenshot from a fake NTA website (

fake nta website

Note : NTA official website is National Testing Agency.

So, what’s the current status of NTA and conducting exams twice a year?

There is no official announcement regarding NTA conducting NEET and JEE again in December 2018.

As per an RTI reply by HRD ministry in April this year : From 2019, NTA is “likely”or “expected” to conduct entrance examinations that has been conducted by CBSE so far.

UPDATE on July 7, 2018 : Now it’s official that JEE Main and NEET will be conducted twice a year from 2019. Both the exams will be conducted in complete online mode. JEE Main will be conducted in January and April. NEET-UG will be conducted in February and May.

UPDATE on August 21, 2018 : HRD ministry has reverted the decision of conducting NEET 2019 twice a year in computer-based mode. NEET 2019 will be a single exam in pen and paper mode, just like previous years.

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Now, let’s see the specific questions that JEE and NEET aspirants are asking.

Will the JEE/NEET going to be conducted again in December 2018?

No. Time is too less to conduct JEE or NEET exam again in December this year. It takes time to implement changes and to inform aspirants well in advance, as it affects the current preparation that is going on for JEE and NEET.

Will the NTA conduct the JEE twice a year from 2019?

UPDATE on July 7, 2018 : Yes, from 2019, JEE Main will be conducted in January and April.

Will there be any change in JEE and NEET syllabus if conducted by NTA?

The syllabus for JEE 2019 (Main and Advanced) and NEET 2019 will be the same as current syllabus.

Will NEET and JEE 2019 going to be difficult if conducted by NTA?

Maybe, maybe not. Nobody knows! The change of examination body in conducting the examination doesn’t mean the paper will be tough. Difficulty level of JEE and NEET can’t be predicted in advance as it varies every year.

Will questions still based on NCERT if NTA conducts JEE/NEET exam?

NCERT will still matter. Along with NCERT, it’s recommended to take a coaching study material. It will have theory and questions as per JEE/NEET level.

JEE Main and NEET 2019 aspirants : Be prepared for online mode of examination

The thing which is worth doing, if not done yet, is “start practicing online tests”, as JEE Advanced will be online, and if NTA conducts the JEE Main and NEET then chances are that they can also be conducted in complete online mode.

UPDATE on July 7, 2018 : It’s official now that JEE Main will be conducted in online mode from 2019.

Remember, if change happens, it will be for everyone. Those who adapt with cool heads will be able to perform well in the exam.

Keep your focus on preparation.


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