JEE Main 2021 Exam Day Guidelines, Dress Code and Students Queries

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JEE Main exam guidelines.

JEE Main 2021 exam will be conducted by NTA in February, March, April and May. Here we are looking at JEE Main exam guidelines, dress code and last minute queries from students.

JEE Main 2021 Exam Day Guidelines, Dress Code and Students Queries

What difficulty level of JEE Main can be expected in 2021?

The difficulty level of JEE Main 2021 is expected to be similar like JEE Main 2020. The question pattern of the JEE Main examination is changed by NTA. See the new exam pattern of JEE Main.

Is there any dress code for the JEE Main?

Shoes/ footwear with thick soles and garments with large buttons are not permitted. If religion/ customs require you to wear specific attire, please visit the centre early for thorough checking and mandatory frisking.

What are the items candidates can carry to the examination centre?

Candidates can carry the following items with them into the examination centre :

  • Personal transparent water bottle.
  • Personal hand sanitiser (50 ml).
  • A simple transparent ballpoint pen.
  • Admit card along with self-declaration (undertaking) downloaded from the NTA website (a clear printout on A4 size paper) duly filled in.
  • Additional passport size photograph for pasting on the Attendance Sheet.
  • Original valid ID proof.
  • Mask and gloves.

Candidates are not allowed to carry any other personal belongings including electronic devices, mobile phone to the examination centre. Examination officials will not be responsible for the safekeeping of personal belongings and there will be no facility.

What are the valid ID proofs eligible to give the JEE Main exam?

Candidate must carry “any one of the original and valid photo identification proof issued by the government’ — PAN card/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (with the photograph)/ E-Aadhaar/ Ration Card/ Aadhaar Enrolment No. with photo. All other ID/ photocopies of IDs even if attested/ scanned photo of IDs in the mobile phone will not be considered as valid ID proof.

At the JEE Main, will the examination center scan the Aadhaar card’s barcode before giving an entry?

No. There is no Aadhaar based biometric attendance system for JEE Main or any other exam. An Aadhaar card is used just like any other ID proof to verify your identity.

What is the advice for aspirants who are giving JEE Main exam in the second shift?

Eat sufficient breakfast and avoid heavy meals during the afternoon. You can take fruits, juice, glucose, if required. Don’t do anything that can make you sleepy in the afternoon. You can adjust your sleep and wake up timings accordingly.

Can you give last minute tips to handle anxiety during the JEE Main exam?

Don’t overthink. Don’t get unnecessary thoughts in your mind before the exam. Try to meditate (slow, deep breaths) if you are feeling pressure or getting distracted by anything.

Have a positive attitude. Believe that you did your best preparation and you can clear the exam. You need to remain calm in tough situations like when you are not remembering properly in the exam.

Sleep well a night before the exam. A good relaxing sleep before the exam is an absolute must.

What’s the right time to reach the JEE Main examination centre?

Reach exam centre early. Getting late to the exam centre adds to the anxiety. So always reach an hour or two before the entry time.

According to the new JEE Main pattern will we be able to see the full paper in one go?

Yes, you will be able to see the full question paper during the JEE Main online exam. There will be an option of “Question Paper”. By clicking on it, you can see full paper (all sections) in a new internal window.

During the start you can have a quick look at the full paper. Decide if you are required to modify your strategy. If you always follow a specific order while giving a test, like PCM, you should know that you have to switch to Chemistry or Maths when Physics is hard. Doing a hard section first can make you lose confidence.

What are some specific tips for JEE Main online mode exam?

When you are in front of the computer and the JEE exam begins, don’t worry about anything else. If you have practiced online mock tests, there is nothing extra you need to do on the day of JEE Main computer-based examination.

Is there any strategy to solve questions in JEE Main Paper?

Ideally you should have an exam strategy ready (by solving mock tests), like which section you will start first and how much time you allocate to each part initially. If you have not prepared a strategy for solving paper, check out this post : JEE Main Exam Day Strategy

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Don’t panic and give your best effort.


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